February 2017

CEM steam turbine of 5,5 MW refurbishment

Gemco  performed, for one of its Oil&Gas customer, an overall refurbishment of a 5,5 MW CEM steam turbine including:CEM.jpg - 1019Ko


 - Complete disassembly and overhaul

- Supply of all bearings

- Renovation of shutoff and throttling valves

- Rotor and stator blades replacement

- Blades and sections reverse engineering and manufacturing

- Spare parts manufacturing

- Installation and adjustment in existing grooves

 - Balancing at nominal speed

- Reassembly

 - Commissioning

  The complete refurbishment allowed to recover near new performances.

January 2017

6.2MW STAL LAVAL VAX LT10 steam turbine relocationrotor1.jpg - 3741Ko

From a dismantled factory in the Netherlands, Gemco relocated an used steam turbine to a paper mill in Portugal. The following tasks were performed:

- Mechanical expertise with turbine opening on Dutch site

- Electrical expertise on Dutch site

- Recommendations issuance for full rehabilitation and destination site adaptation

- Supervision of civil works on destination site Supervision of rehabilitation works Commissioning

That relocated installation allowed our customer to increase its power production (and profit) by processing spare steam.

December 2016

DELAVAL STORK steam turbine relocationrotor2.jpg - 261Ko

Gemco has been appointed by an East African sugar mill to relocate a steam turbine sourced in the Netherlands.

Gemco’s scope of work covered:

-              Supply and replacement of internal wear parts

-              Engineering study for general arrangement and civil works

-              Upgrade of speed governor and vibration monitoring system

-              Packing of all equipment into containers for sea and air shipping

-              Supervision of civil works

-              Erection and commissioning of the unit

That installation allowed our customer to enhance the reliability of its power production by being no longer subject from the national power grid failures.

November 2016

Reliability enhancement with an automatic turning gear for a Siemens steam turbine

Gemco designed and installed an automatic turning gear allowing safe shaft line rotation:vireur.jpg - 247Ko

-  General arrangement design

-  Automatic sequence design (controls)

-  Manufacturing of parts to position the clutch

-  Assembly

-  Commissioning

That modification allowed to enhance the reliability of the shaft line turning during the warm-up and cool down sequences of the unit (the turning was originally performed manually).

October 2016

surpresseur.jpg - 78KoShort lead time for the supply of a Rateau SM55 air compressor impeller

Gemco has manufactured an air compressor impeller for a chemical facility. Due to Gemco's know-how and reactivity, that assignment has been managed on time comprising :

- 3D model reconstruction based on a worn out impeller

- Material analysis with in house spark spectometer

- Drawing issuance

- Manufacturing

- QA conformity check 


July 2016 :

A new recordsecurite.jpg - 2Ko

GEMCO is proud to announce that the company has registered, on July 20th, 1000 DAYS WITHOUT LOST TIME INJURY, which is more than 2 years.  Its previous record was 466 days. This major achievement could be attained thanks to the day to day involvement and vigilance of all staff and proves that accidents are not a fatality.

March 2016 :

Turbine School : new session

Competency developpment is a keystone for our business. In order to train our mechanics to our business' specifics, the "Turbine School" has been created. That in-house training emphasizes the on-the-job aspects of our art by bringing the mastery of the basic handturns.

Our 4th session will be graduated in March 2017 after one on site theoretical and practical training, during one year

November 2015

Participation in ADIPEC ExhitionlogoADIPEC.png - 20Ko

This year, GEMCO will participate in 2015 ADIPEC exhibition, one of the most important exhibition dedicated to Oil & Gas, wich will take place from 9 to 12 november 2015 in Abu Dhabi. We will be present on SPIE Oil&Gas Services stand – n° 9330D


October 2015

2 years without any accident

The safety of all employees is a top priority. On October 25th, GEMCO registered 730 DAYS WITHOUT ACCIDENT LEADING TO SICK LEAVE. This excellent achievement could be reached thanks to all staff for their day to involvement and vigilance and prove that accidents are not inevitable.


June 2015

June 2015: participation in Power Gen Europe Exhibitionpowergen.jpg - 14Ko
This year, GEMCO will participate in 2015 Power-Gen Europe exhibition, the largest annual power generation in Europe. This key event for all stakeholders in the sector will take place in Amsterdam from 9 to 11 June 2015. GEMCO will be present on France Pavilion - Hall 4 Stand 4-E12.

September 2014

aeroadour_logo.jpg - 42KoGEMCO Turbomachines subsidary of SPIE Oil & Gas participated to the Aeroadour fair organized around the open door day of 5th RHC helicopter base in Pau during the 19th, 20th and 21st September 2014. That event co-organized by the UIMM Adour (Union des industries et des Métiers de la Métallurgie), 3AF (Association Aéronautique & Astronautique de France) et PWA (Pau Wright Aviation) gathered all major companies installed in Béarn and active in aeronautical business. Gemco, being an UIMM affiliate and also an actor of the local business, presented its capabilities which can be compared on some aspect to the aeronautical industry.

The first day, dedicated to professionnals and schools, gave us the opportunity to meet on our stand local business partners, but also contact new supply sources and perhaps motivate young people to join us... During the two next days opened to public (50 000 visitors), we had the opportunity to present our capabilities to all interested persons and meanwhile gather many job applications.

Aeroadour.jpg - 155KoDominique ROBIN, CEO of Gemco, in presence of Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE, UIMM's Administrator, took advantage of the visit of Colonel RICHOU, Commander in chief of Bearn's division, to hand him over a model gas turbine rotor. The gift was highly appreciated by the Colonel in charge of operations of Europe's largest military helicopter base.



May-June 2014

Turbine School : new edition!EcoleTurbine.jpg - 46Ko

Competency developpment is a keystone for our business. In order to train our mechanics to our business' specifics, the "Turbine School" has been created. That in-house training emphasizes the on-the-job aspects of our art by bringing the mastery of the basic handturns.

Our 3rd edition will be graduated in september after a practical on-site training during this summer.


High Tech training for our African customersFormation1406.jpg - 154Ko

With the increasing challenge to power Africa, we help our African customers to increase their knowledge in turbomachinery. For that, we welcome operation personnel in our premises where they receive an adapted and extended theorical and practical training. Sessions are complete for may and june 2014.


April 2014SemaineIndustrie.png - 18Ko

Gemco opens its doors

UIMM.png - 15Ko

For 4th edition of Industry Week, jointly organized by UIMM, the Chamber of Commerce and the MEDEF, Gemco, amongst other local companies, opened its doors and workshops to bring a broad public an insight into the local Technological Industries and its associated carreers.

Highlighting those carreers, this event has also the opportunity to emphasize the compentencies that our industry is daily looking forward.




Domnique Robin

Dominique ROBIN becomes new CEO of Gemco

"I'm glad to join SPIE and more particularly Gemco. My goal is to better the efficiency of that entity while managing its growth. After few months in that position, I realize that challenges are there and our team is striving to do its utmost every day."