•Metallographic analysis (material identification, structure and microstructure analysis)
•Shape Analysis (stereoscopy, tomography, ultrasonic detection, …)
•Component models and stress analysis (with SolidWorks®)
 Blade constraints analysis


•3D parts design (with SolidWorks®)
•Parts manufacturing (special purpose steel selection, detail drawings, machining procedures, test procedures…)
•Mechanical optimisation of original design

Complete rotor redesign

 Design, analysis and manufacturing of blades

Advanced Repairs

•Advanced repair methods design
•Advanced Repair performance (laser and electron beam welding, ceramic coatings, stellite blade reinforcement, HVOF, …)
•Development of new non destructive testing methods(NDT)
 Laser welding

On site works

•Optimisation of original maintenance procedures
•Design of tailored on-site repair and testing tooling (mobile balancing machine, side drilling machine for blading studs, in situ exhaust baffle removal tool,…)
 Noise baffle extraction tooling