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Gemco Turbomachines has launched its new web based platform "e-Turbine". This service aims to offer end users or EPCs used quality equipment that can also be assorted with warranties.

In many case, used equipment can render the same services as new, but at a significantly lower cost. Therefore, Gemco was willing to offer such equipment fit for process repowering or optimization.  


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GEMCO International has been created on 1982/11/8 by a team coming from the french electrical engineering manufacturer « Compagnie Electro Mécanique » in Le Bourget, employing about 10 people. After restarting an activity of general mechanics, GEMCO International has quickly turned to export projects and is now recognised internationally.

Its acquisition, in January 2007, by SPIE Oil & Gas Services, allowed it to be supported by the group’s structure in France and abroad, and rely its corporate values. Thanks to the involvement and expertise of its employees, the company has expanded both in turnover and technology skills.

On November 8th, 2012, it is with very proud to GEMCO International was very proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary, and enjoyed sharing a friendly moment with representatives of the group and local authorities.

Today, the adventure continues ...