The experience and know-how acquired over the years enable Gemco to perform major projects such as relocation and refurbishment of complete power units. These turnkey services are to be considered as an attractive and reliable alternative to procurement of new equipment.

Facilities relocation

  • Relocation survey (relevance, conditions, equipment selection, ...)
  • Removal of equipment and inventory
  • Packaging and storage
  • Transport and logistics
  • Relocation engineering for new site
  • Adaptation Engineering to destination site
  • Process improvements
  • Multitechnical Installation (mechanical & electrical)
  • Commissioning

Equipment refurbishment and upgrading

  • Equipment and auxiliaries refurbishment
  • Control systems upgrading (for ex : old hydraulic to uptodate electronics)
  • Improvement of machinery and equipment design
  • Modification of power unit (size and design)
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Power plant relocation