Gas turbines

When power is required continuously, gas turbines are emerging as a reliable industrial solution, but require multi-technical skills for maintenance. GEMCO has developed the high degree of competences and high quality maintenance procedures on the following turbines.

General Electric® / Nuovo Pignone®
GE 5 (ex PGT 5)    
GE 10 (ex PGT 10) A & B  
Frame 3 MS3002 J, H

Frame turbines have also been set by Alsthom, AEG Kanis, John Brown, Kvaerner, Hitachi, European Gas Turbines (EGT) and Thomassen.

Frame 5 MS5001 K à R, PA et «New Tech»
Frame 5 MS5002 A, B et C
Frame 6 MS6001 B
THM 1102 - These machines have historically been built by Hispano Suiza
THM 1203 -
THM 1304 8 & 9
Westinghouse® W251 / TG20 A & B
Pratt & Whitney® GG4/FT4